Thursday, January 14, 2010

best of 2010

quickly, quickly, best records of 2010 mostly because most of my favorites were overlooked.

strange boys - and girls club
the mantles - s/t
the beets - spit on the face of people who don't want to be cool
thee oh sees - help!
thee oh sees - dog poison
blues control - local flavor
dutchess and the duke - sunrise/sunset
glass rock - tall firs meet the soft location

more I'm forgetting, but those are all enough to keep me warm for a year at least.
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Weasel Words

I've long been aware of Wikipedia's devoted following of editors/original computer users, but I never took the time out of my busy day of gettin paid and gettin laid to really think about 'em. Then I came across this.

And now I'm starin at a bitch's bald spot and thinking, "Is Wikipedia becoming more of a game or a sport?" Either way, whoever argues for their own neutrality best or edited last is the winner. Individualism is the clear loser. Expertise is a vague loser and Orwellian dystopic monopolization of factual information in an easily manipulated database rides on the fog of a hobo's breath in winter.

According to that entry, these are all questions that "weasel words" raise:
  • Who says that?
  • When do they say it? Now? At the time of writing?
  • How many people think it? How many is some?
  • What kind of people think it? Where are they?
  • What kind of bias might they have?
  • Why is this of any significance?
And they're also the questions of an increasingly drunk and belligerent Wikipedia.

Wikipedia all slurring its way through, hand-conducting an invisible orchestra over a confused and disappointed editor. Wikipedia knows it's being kind of a dick, but it stopped caring about three tequila sunrises ago. It's mostly just talking to itself, anyway.
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Sunday, August 16, 2009


Another poem.

The stupidstriped zebra,
roused from its sleep,
becomes the
black cat
/white rhino
it always dreamed
it would be.

Black cat + white rhino,
gets into a fight,
looking like
crumpled waste.
It ends its life:
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Friday, July 24, 2009

gatorade frost

a poem

i'd like to be a swinger
of bitches
on a lazy autumn's morn'
and the gondolier
on my
love affairs.

i'm not wearing a beret,
because i am wearing a watch.

who am I?

i'd be a vacuum if i weren't so dense, void of sense and reasoning. you have to steer way far out to escape the pit in your stomache as you cope with the inspiration destruction.

cringe, stupid.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Best of 2008

Best albums of 2008? Here's my no-nonsense list:

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blank Drug Mixtape #1

I've successfully procrastinated so long on getting this mix together and available to you, my few and proud readers, that it is now a Christmas New Year's Inauguration Day Valentine's Day present. I realize this is not a real mixtape, but the word seems to have been co-opted so heavily and regularly as meaning any personally made collection of songs that maybe you should just chill the fuck out. You may also take issue with how I've mixed black music and white music, but this is a new dawn, High Fidelity readin racist. Obamania has swept aside the old rules. Alright, continue reading, 20 19 tracks of heavenly joy await you (with track-by-track me-writing-stuff!).

Download Blank Drug Mixtape #1

Upon review, I'm not as pleased with this thing as I was back in November when I assembled it, but there's always next time. The front of this thing is still solid gold, though.

1. Hear Ya Dance - Andre Williams and the New Orleans Hellhounds
I picked up this album mostly for the name of the band. I had no previous knowledge of Andre Williams, but it turns out he's a pretty prolific and rad guy that I really should've known about. Long story short, he's a dirty old man from Detroit who wrote with Stevie Wonder, Funkadelic, Ike Turner, et al. This is from his 2008 release, "Can You Deal With It?" which is chock full of jams that go great with a couple glasses of scotch. This song makes me happy from "Helloooo, baby" on through to the delirious outro, let it make you happy, too.

2. Showstopper - Iron Knowledge
This is off of a fine compilation of funk rock tunes called "Chains and Black Exhaust" and features the bass line from hell. I'm pretty sure it's a bass. Could be an octave pedaled guitarwhocares.

3. Baby Brother - White Stripes
I wish the White Stripes would pursue this sound. This is one of my favorite Stripes songs ever, and Jack White relegated it to a B-side. Replete with vintage crazy-ass Jack White vocals and country sci-fi lyrics, you won't even try to not be completely about it.

4. Jailhouse Rock - Aguaturbia
Continuing into weirdo rockabilly, this is the single best rendition of Jailhouse Rock. This is the way the song should sound. After listening, there's no going back to any other wack-ass arrangement of it. Aguaturbia is a Chilean rock band from the early 70's who've recently surfaced on some blogs trading in obscure psychedelic gems. The vocalist features none of the not-quite-on-pitchness that brings down so many Spanish-language psych bands, the guitarist is on point, and the drummer does not quit destroying. Also, how can you not be won over by the occasional and erratic substitution of "yale" (as in, I speak Spanish, j's are y's) for "jail"?

5. Precious and Grace - ZZ Top
ZZ Top is one of the greatest bands ever.

6. Killers - Shellac
This is from the fairly recently released "Extraneous Material" compilation of Shellac odds-and-ends and it rules.

7. Inquiry Perpitrated - Thee Oh Sees
Thee Oh Sees released my favorite album of the year ("The Master's Bedroom is Worth Spending a Night In"), but I took this off of their recent split 12" with The Intelligence. Lo-fi magic, get into Thee Oh Sees.

8. Rock and Roll - Edan
Edan's last full-length, "Beauty and the Beat", was released in 2005 and remains one of the most interesting, creatively packed, entertaining albums I've ever heard. Endearing shit: sampling the Electric Prunes. Dip into the lo-fi/hi-fi dub fog of Edan, find the whole album.

9. Fa Sho ft. Odd Squad - Devin the Dude
Devin the Dude's 2002 release "Just Tryin to Live" is also one of my favorite albums. This is a choice jam of the many choice jams on that record. Meticulously produced and promptly overlooked by most outside of critical circles, the whole album is a must listen. Supremely enjoyable, highly recommended, etc.

10. Euroman - J.J. Burnell
This is the only French musical artist I've heard that uses his national aversion to catchy melody to such excellent effect. Off of a compilation of early French electronic music called "So Young But So Cold", J.J. Burnell's Jesus and Mary Chain-esque electro-rock beats everything else on there by a good margin. Endearing shit: slowly mutating French accent on the chorus.

11. Poverty - Barkmarket
"Poverty" is a fantastic jam from Barkmarket that I've been trying to find a place for on some sort of mix, so I've thrown it in here. Feel it.

12. Oh Mary - Ty Segall
Ty Segall released his full length debut this year, and it's a nice fuzzy blast of California by-way-of Detroit rock. Might sound too similar to White Stripes tropes, but who cares when it's so nice? "Oh Mary" pulls off a nice trick by leaning into the laid-back rock implied by the guitar rhythm and exhilirating at the same time.

14. Kiss - Captain Beefheart
This is taken from a studio outtakes record called "The Brown Star Sessions" and it's a nice little ditty. More straight forward than most of the Captain's stuff, the lo-fi quality enhances its charms. This is Captain Beefheart as you want to hear him.

15. Kindliness - Carsick Cars
Japanese indie that sounds almost American-made but takes more interesting turns.

16. Cheap Thrills - Eagles of Death Metal
My favorite jam off of the jam laden new record from The Eagles of Death Metal, "Heart On."

17. Ain't Got Nothin - Oasis
This one tops "Lord Don't Slow Me Down" as best thing Oasis has done recently.

18. I Wanna Be Free - Joe Tex
I'm smitten with the almost falling apart drumming that happens late in this song. Dude keeps it together and cranks up the tension, so thumbs up. Joe Tex is awesome, I wish gritty/showy 60's soul were being done in any kind of non-lame fashion today. There just doesn't seem to be a place for it, so enjoy the antique.

19. Bad Worker (Solo Home Demo) - The Replacements
Continuing with work songs, this one's off of Rhino's "Hootenanny" re-release. The whole series of those re-releases has been completely awesome, pick up whatever you can find. I always like when the Replacements lean into their folk/blues influences, and this is full on.

20. Time Can't Wait - Public Nuisance
This is a song from the Jack White-birthed compilation of 60's should've beens Public Nuisance. Apparently, their album wasn't released because the Manson Murders sent the record's producer into hiding. Whether or not that's what went down, the 2-disc "Gotta Survive" compilation released in 2002 contains some sure-fire hits. This one isn't even the best. That, hands down, goes to the T. Rex-y "Daddy's Comin Home." "Time Can't Wait" rules, too, though, and I haven't listened to it as many times, so it sounds fresher, feel me?

Alright! There it is! Happy V-day everybody. Feedback on the mix appreciated, should the next one be shorter? I think maybe yes.
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Friday, October 31, 2008

Sex...With Mom and Dad

There's a show on MTV called "Sex...with Mom and Dad", which is unfortunately not a heavily stylized, jump-cut-filled incest porn. Rather, it is a show about opening up the lines of communication between parents and their children about sex. This is very important to the show's host and therapist Dr. Drew. You may know Dr. Drew from the intermittently awesome "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" on VH1. This season features Gary Busey who is apparently just there to hang out and drop science. Important note: Gary Busey is not a scientist.

"Sex...with Mom and Dad with Dr. Drew" cements Dr. Drew's position as the liberal Dr. Phil. Where Dr. Phil wears suits and talks condescendingly, Dr. Drew doesn't wear a coat and raps with the people. I half-expect him to turn his chair around and straddle it when he has these convos. In a head-to-head matchup, Dr. Drew is much more likeable and more legitamate therapist-like than Dr. Phil, but I'd still rather see a doctor who uses his last name. Maybe Phil and Drew's last names are something like Hitlerfucker. Or maybe they're trying to create a heavily contrived sense of personality.

There's little reason to watch "Sex...with Mom and Dad with Dr. Drew" except if you tune in around 5 minutes before the end of each episode. If you're lucky, you'll get to see Dr. Drew's dramatic end-of-session "I'm so proud of you" face. It's awesome and he does it every time, each time slightly different. Like a skilled composer's variations on a theme, Dr. Drew's proud-face deepens its impact each time you see it.

Maybe I'll talk about music sometime soon.
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